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    Activation Method

    Activation method is a gentle approach to chriopractic.

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Denise Colestock D.C.

Dr. Denise Colestock DS

Dr. Denise Colestock D.C. graduated from Sherman College of Straight Chirporactic, Spartanburg, South Carolina in 2001. She grew up in Eaton Rapids, Michigan where she has had her practice, "Colestock Family Chiropractic and Wellenss" for over 10 years. She specializes in in the Activator Technique, a gentle approach to Chiropractic. Chiropractic Nutrition are her passions. She understands and has tremendous respect for the struggle her patients are burden with. She dedicated her life to helping those who are suffering to regain their health to live life to the fullest.


Kitty Dowding

"I've been to a lot of chiropractors over the years. The technique that Denise uses is very effective and non-aggressive. She is extremely knowledgeable and goes out of her way for her patients. I wouldn't go anywhere else!"

Eric Mergener

"Dr. Denise adjusted me and I feel so much better."

Larry Brown

"I think the residents in Eaton Rapids are very fortunate to have Dr. Colestock in their community."

Polly Ransom Burnside

"Denise is an awesome chiropractor. Love her method. Always polite, kind and willing to explain anything. Always willing to fit you in if you have an emergency. On top of that she's AFFORDABLE!!!"

Robin Platt

"Denise does AMAZING work! ! My son went to her in so much pain it was unreal. .. after a short time with her he had relief from pain.. We didn't have an appointment, she was busy but she got to him very fast and that means the world to a mom watching her son in agony! Thanks again Denise!! You're awesome! "

Ava Towns

"Dr. Denise Colestock performs the activator technique with precision and skill that I have not find elsewhere in 40 years of treatments. She uses the technique not as a help to "traditional" chiropractic but as the first line of treatment. Those of us who struggled for years with pain that never goes away, and inability of Chiropractors to relieve the pain need to give her a try before you give up on non-drug remedies for your pain. Thank you for bringing your dedication and commitment to other's well-being back to your hometown! Many are grateful."

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